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Jeanne has been doing my pediures for 11 years and I've never had a bad experience! Jeanne's pedicures are TOTAL FOOT CARE - not just lotion and polish. She keeps my feet healthy and beautiful so I can be on the run. Once a month I know I can look forward to giving my feet a well deserved break and refuel. She is no doubt the very best.


I am not sure if I can express how fabulous Jeanne is, you almost have to experience it. Jeanne is genuine, she is the foot whisperer! It was the best pedicure I have ever had and I have had many all over the country. Her room is very relaxing; dimmed lighting, heated chair, warm compress around your shoulders, ice water and relaxation music.

I went into my appointment on a Friday evening after working 12 hr shifts for the last 5 days and I had a horrible headache. When I left my appointment, my feet felt wonderful, looked perfect not to mention I felt relaxed, rejuvenated and my headache was gone. You can tell that her passion is feet. Her heart is in her work, my feet felt so good. I highly recommend Jeanne to everyone!

Karren :0)

The Foot Whisperer...what it says, is true. You do feel entirely pampered and you know that Jeanne is serious about feet and especially your feet. It has and continues to be a much-looked-for experience every month for me. Thanks for your personal care about me and my feet.


Comparing a pedicure by Jeanne to one you'd get at a walk-in nail place is like comparing a meal by Julia Child to one you'd get at McDonalds -- if you prioritize quality and indulgence over speed and price, the Foot Whisperer pedi is for you!

Plan to spend a full hour in a private, serene setting (not in one of those dreadful vibrating chairs) while Jeanne uses truly top notch products to detail your feet with precision and skill. Your heels will be buttery soft and your toes will have that glossy just-polished look for weeks.

I've been treating myself to Jeanne's services for more than 10 years, and her manicures are equally good -- in fact, I haven't found anyone in the world (and I travel a lot) who can do a more beautiful French mani. When I wanted my toes to match my shoes for an event, Jeanne took the shoe and custom mixed an exact polish match.

Whether I'm getting myself spruced up for a big trip or just want to treat myself and recharge, Jeanne's chair is the first place I head. It's worth every penny -- you won't be disappointed!


I have been a regular client of Jeanne’s for about 10 years.  It is such a relaxing experience to sit in a private room in a comfortable chair with my feet in the warm jetted tub and have her work her magic on my feet.  I can either zone out with music on her headphones, or have a great conversation.   She is a fanatic as far as cleanliness so there are never any worries about the health of my feet.   My feet always look wonderful when I leave.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else!


The Foot Whisperer ... how true this is. 

It is the most relaxing and pleasurable experience that I look forward to each month.  Jeanne's tender touch is the best way to start or end your day.  I highly recommend Jeanne.  She is truly awesome and the best.  

"My Happy Feet"

The Foot Whisperer - A "Mini" Vacation

If you would love a "mini" vacation then The Foot Whisperer is your destination!!!  It doesn't matter how tired I am when I get there, I walk out really, really relaxed!  I love the feel of my feet when I put my shoes back on -- kind of satin in leather!  I have the option of listening to music or chatting and laughing -- either choice is optimal.  Then there is the warm, herbal wrap that you get on cold days or any day for that matter.  If this isn't enough to get you there, let me throw in the chocolate.  Yes, indeed, more times than not, there is chocolate just waiting for you to indulge while your feet get pampered.  Give The Foot Whisperer a try, you won't regret it!


Jeanne is Fantastic!

I love my time with Jeanne and have been a regular client of hers for over 10 years. She provides a very relaxing and therapeutic Pedicure session. I enjoy the one on one attention I receive with no other distractions. Jeanne is easy to talk to and she always makes the experience feel special.

Her attention to hygiene and quality are apparent. I've received many compliments on my pedicures over the years and Jeanne’s good advice and consistent care have enabled me to maintain healthy and lovely nails and feet.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jeanne and the services she offers.

Colleen W.

My Pedicure - A New Experience

What a surprise to find myself in a peaceful relaxing room, just me and my pedicurist, Jeanne Voglewede. She handed me earphones with soft relaxing music all ready for my enjoyment.

I have had pedicures before, but nothing like this. Instead of a small foot bath, she has a huge pedicure jetted tub. Instead of an uncomfortable chair, I sat in a very cozy comfortable chair.

Jeanne told me to relax and she would take care of my feet. I really appreciated that she knew how to help me relax - peace and quiet. She went to work focusing on my feet. I didn't have to listen to others gabbing about their day, or hear a telephone ring. I just relaxed for an hour while Jeanne pampered me and my feet.

I decided to watch what Jeanne was doing, since this was my first time. She was very careful to properly care for the pedicure tools and very attentive to me and my comfort while she gently cared for my toes and my feet, and I loved the foot and leg massage.

I will definitely be a steady client. I'm so glad that I have found my very own Pedicure Specialist here in Boise. Jeanne is very special!

Julie W.


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